SGR0087 Abmolisher - Ultimate Belly Punch Challenge

It’s the ultimate bellypunching extravaganza as Killpussy and Scorpion as it’s women vs machine, as the original Strong Girls take on the Abmolisher - belly punching machine.


Round 1 - Scorpion vs The Abmolisher

FIrst up to take on the Abmolisher, is Scorpion.  It starts off slowly but as the tempo and power increases Scorpion can be seen visibly tensing as the boxing glove wearing contraption repeatedly punches the rock hard belly of Scorpion.


Round 2 - Killpussy vs The Abmolisher

Although a little bit tentative at first, Killpussy takes the best the mechanoid marvel can offer and handles it easily.  The machine rains blow after blow into the blonde amazons body, but Killpussy is clearly unimpressed.


Round 3 - Killpussy vs Scorpion - Belly Punishment Test

While the Abmolisher recharges the two ladies take part in a belly punishment test consisting of 10 punches with a boxing glove, 10 punches with a fist and 5 blows to the stomach with a wooden hammer.  Both ladies absorb some punishment, and its clear that the Strong Girls are to be more feared then the Abmolisher.  Both ladies end this round with marks on their washboard stomachs.


Round 4 - Scorpion vs The Abmolisher

This time the gloves are off, as Scorpion takes on the Abmolisher sans boxing glove.  Its pretty evident from the beginning that the Abmolisher is a more painful proposition without the glove.  Will Scorpion be able to last as the welts begin appearing or will the machine cause her to be unable to finish?


Round 5 - Killpussy vs The Abmolisher

Killpussy takes on the Abmolisher without the boxing glove on this time, and stands their flexing, even asking for the power to be turned up, as the machine drives again and again into her belly, by the end there is a clear welt but is Killpussy defeated by a mere machine?


Scorpion wears yellow sports bra and multi-colour yoga pants

Killpussy wears black bra and black yoga pants

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