SGR0085 Killpussy destroys Nacho Feeble

Nacho Feeble returns for another match this time against Killpussy, will he fare any better this time, after his feeble display in SGR0068 against Scorpion?


I think we all know the answer…. Probably not!  She throws him around the ring like a rag doll, picking him up with ease and throwing him into the ring post, before sticking her fingers into the sides of his mouth and fish-hooking him into a camel clutch which has Nacho Feeble screaming in pain.


Sorry Nacho….. She’s only just got started.  Poor old Nacho has to endure knee lifts, slams, an upside down reverse bearhug, he’s had enough already and rolls under the ropes and out of the ring to safety.


Ummm Nacho, you’re not safe out there either, as he finds out to his cost as he is slammed into the ring apron, and unceremoniously dumped back into the ring.


Killpussy takes the opportunity to demonstrate her full arsenal of pro-moves, lifts, and submissions on Nacho Feeble.  More bearhugs, strikes, stretches and even figure-four leglocks are applied until perhaps mercifully Nacho submits to once last destructive camel clutch.


Killpussy wears a pink lycra swimsuit, lucha mask and black knee pads and pro-boots.

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