SGR0084 Test of Strength - Pro-style - Killpussy vs Scorpion

We start off in the ring with Killpussy and Scorpion comparing biceps, flexing showing each other their muscles.  It’s a test of strength match between the Irresistible Force and the Immovable Object. They discuss who is stronger before locking fingers in a test of strength.  They strain their muscles seeing who will be the dominant woman, eventually Killpussy drives Scorpion to the mats and splits her legs wide in a crotch-tearing grapevine.


Scorpion begs Killpussy not to split her any further but the blonde amazon ignores her pleas and delivers another torturous grapevine, placing her boots against Scorpion’s thighs as she is sat in the corner and once again splitting her wide open.


They then lock hands in a standing arm wrestle with once again Killpussy demonstrating that she is the more powerful woman as she drives Scorpion to the canvas once again.


Next comes a standing front and reverse bearhugs to the weakened Scorpion who falls to the mat in pain, Killpussy immediately pounces and sits upon her prey.  Thigh scissors and more bearhugs eventually having Scorpion conceding the contest as she cries out that Killpussy is the stronger of the two.


Scorpion wears a blue shiny spandex swimsuit with flesh coloured tights and pro-boots

Killpussy wears a silver shiny spandex swimsuit with flesh coloured tights and pro-boots

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