SGR0083 Porras returns for a thrashing from Scorpion

Strong Girls Rule very own journeyman Porras steps into the squared circle to take on Scorpion.  Porras is as cocky as ever, and Scorpion makes him pay by punching him in the gut for showing off.  Porras delivers some wicked shoulder blocks in the corner, but Scorpion quickly catches him in a sleeperhold before whipping him into the turnbuckle and delivering some shoulder blocks of her own.


Scorpion takes him down to the mats and begins to use illegal tactics including a pulling his nose and fish-hooking his mouth, forcing him to cry out in pain.  She sits on him and punches him in the gut.


When they get to their feet Porras takes control with a side headlock before throwing Scorpion to the mats, and delivering some vicious stomps.  He makes the mistake of turning his back, and Scorpion takes him down and gets him locked into a surfboard, wrenching back on his arms for maximum torque.


Things go from bad to worse as Porras has to endure numerous postings, armbars, boston crabs before finally submitting.  The match ends with Scorpion sitting on a face-down Porras trapped in a vicious hammerlock.


Scorpion wears a blue shiny spandex bikini with white pro-style boots and kneepads

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