SGR0081 Dirty Tactics - Scorpion dominates Leftfield

Hot Asian wrestler Leftfield makes her Strong Girls Rule debut, and let's hope she doesn’t regret it as she takes on Scorpion in a dirty wrestling bout, and even offers to treble the winners purse if Scorpion beats her.


They meet on the mats and discuss the rules, with Leftfield asking Scorpion to use as many dirty moves as possible.  Scorpion takes off her black leather jacket and Leftfield removes her blue dress, and then Scorpion immediately strikes with an eye rake followed up by multiple punches to the beautiful Asian wrestlers gut.


Scorpion rains down hammer blows, wicked knees and eye rakes which have Leftfield reeling from the onslaught.  Scorpion is determined to destroy and humiliate the debutante.  Scorpion snap mares the petite beauty to the mat and each time pulls her up by her hair for more punishment.

Leftfield screams in pain as Scorpion catches her in a reverse bearhug throwing her down to the mats and mounting her and stretching her painfull in a surfboard.  Before handcuffing her to destroy her with more punches, before biting her pantyhose covered toes and stomping her in the groin.


In what is perhaps our dirtiest Dirty Tactics match to date Scorpion goes extreme with a face bite, and even putting her hand into Leftfield’s blue panties and attacking her most intimate of areas!


More dirty tactics abound including a standing reverse headscissors combined with wicked crotch clawing, crotch bites, ass rakes.


Scorpion fully humiliates Leftfield making her kiss her panties and feet, and forcing her to sign a contract to be her jobber for a whole year.


Leftfield is left laying on the mates sobbing…. Welcome to Strong Girls Rule, Leftfield.


Scorpion wears white top and panties with black tights

Leftfield wears matching blue lingerie.

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