SGR0077 The Bear vs Scorpion

After making his Strong Girls Rule debut against Killpussy in SGR0061, The Bear tries his luck with Scorpion.


The Bear towers over Scorpion, and is confident that he can beat her.  The match starts and The Bear quickly catches Scorpion in a reverse bearhug, lifting her high off the mats, squeezing tightly, her legs flail in desperation as Scorpion tries to escape the crushing arms of the larger man.  The power of The Bear is too much and reluctantly Scorpion has to concede the first fall.


The second fall sees Scorpion in the driving seat, twisting his arm in a painful hammerlock before positioning his head in between her skull crushing thighs making the big man tap out.


At the start of the third and deciding fall The Bear goes back to the same move which helped him win the first fall this time with a front bearhug, will it be enough for the big man to win his first match with Scorpion or will she escape the crushing hold to make him lose again!


Scorpion wears a long sleeved black skeleton leotard, shiny nude pantyhose/tights with black kneepads and white pro-style boots.

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