SGR0074 Bully gets Bullied

Finally Toro the Bully and Scorpion step into the squared circle, in the pre-match interviews both wrestlers are confident, and once they step into the ring Toro is not impressed with Scorpion’s ring gear, he asks “You going to a fashion show or are you here to wrestle?”.


The big man takes an early advantage using the ropes and corner to his advantage with punches including an illegal low blow in the corner.  Toro grabs Scorpion in a headlock and runs her head first into the corner, the first pin attempt but Scorpion kicks out at 2!


Toro continues to bully Scorpion around the ring whipping her into the ropes and catching her in a wicked ankle lock ignoring her calls for a rope break.


Overconfidence is a bad thing as Toro finds out to his chagrin.  Scorpion shows Toro what happens to foolish male challengers at Strong Girls Rule, Toro maybe bigger and more experienced than the normal victim, but once Scorpion gets the upper hand its time to send the Bully to detention SGR style.


One wrestler ends up flat on their back and being forced to kiss the others bicep, but which bully will it be?

Scorpion wears a red shiny spandex swimsuit with shiny nude pantyhose/tights and white pro-boots.

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