SGR0073 Peeper gets foot dominated by the girls

You’ve snuck into the Strong Girls Rule matroom, and are fortunate enough to have found Killpussy and Scorpion unwinding after just finishing a particularly gruelling match.


The wrestlers unlace their pro-style wrestling boots commenting on how sweaty and dirty their feet are.  Accidently you knock something making a noise, and the Strong Girls hear, Scorpion gets up to investigate, you try to hide, but it’s no good you’ve been discovered.


Scorpion recognises you from when you’ve attended some live shows, and you foolishly admit that you were waiting for the wrestlers to get changed.


The Strong Girls decide to make you pay by forcing their sweaty feet and socks.  The smell of stale sweat permeates your nostrils as both Killpussy and Scorpion humiliate you.  However they decide that’s not enough so stuff a sweat covered sock into your mouth before taking selfies with you in the background that they can spread around the internet, you’ll have second thoughts before perving on the ladies of Strong Girls Rule again.


Killpussy wears a black spandex swimsuit with shiny nude pantyhose/tights

Scorpion wears a red spandex swimsuit with shiny nude pantyhose/tights

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