SGR0071 Tyler Dare vs Scorpion - Pro Style

Renowned wrestler, Tyler Dare makes a rare appearance outside of her native North America to take on Scorpion in a pro-style bikini match.


Prior to the match both wrestlers engage in some verbal sparring with Tyler saying she’s heard nothing about Scorpion, and the Brit grappler suggesting that perhaps Tyler can’t read.


The time for talk is over as both wrestlers lock fingers in a test of strength.  Both ladies strain to win before Tyler pushes Scorpion against the wall before lifting her off the ground in a wicked bearhug.  Scorpion breaks free before lifting Tyler in a bearhug of her own, causing the visitor to groan in pain.


Tyler catches Scorpion in a sleeperhold, but decides it too early to make the British grappler submit so instead locks her up in a full nelson.  Wrapping her legs around her waist she squeezes Scorpion hard and just as she escapes transitions into a painful armbar.


Scorpion manages a brief flurry when Tyler gets too over confident, but it’s not too long before the North American gets Scorpion screaming a painful first submission to a camel clutch.


The second fall goes much the same way as the first, with Scorpion put through the wringer in a variety of scissors, surfboards and full nelsons.


The more experienced Tyler Dare uses Scorpion like her plaything, making the British grappler submit each time before putting Scorpion to sleep in a final hold.


Scorpion wears a red shiny spandex bikini and bare feet

Tyler Dare wears a gold shiny spandex bikini and bare feet.

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