SGR0068 Jobber gets Stomped by Scorpion

Scorpion is in the ring stretching wearing long sleeved black leotard coupled with white pro kneepads and boots, when the Jobber bravely enters the ring.  As he steps in between the ring ropes, that naughty Scorpion wedgies him with the ropes sending him down to the mat.


As he grabs his balls in agony, Scorpion seizes the advantage and in no time at all has his in the dreaded Boston Crab.


What follows is a complete beatdown as Scorpion squeezes and stretches the poor Jobber all over the ring.  Scorpion takes every opportunity she can to use the ropes to choke, pin or stretch the poor jobber.


Inevitably the jobber is laying on that mat with a victorious Scorpion posing victoriously above him.

Scorpion wears long sleeved black leotard with matching white pro-style kneepads and boots.

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