SGR0066 Test of Strength - Killpussy destroys Nacho Libre

Another foolish challenger has stepped into the squared circle to face the mighty Killpussy.  This time Nacho Libre is the victim.  Killpussy can’t help but laugh at the stature of her challenger, Nacho does not seem perturbed and flexes his muscles.  Killpussy demonstrates her superior flex and then the two combatants compare hands, Killpussy comments at how small Nacho Libre’s hands are to her’s.


After comparing legs and feet size they lock up in a test of strength which Killpussy easily wins, sending Nacho scurrying to the corner nursing his injured fingers.


Killpussy doesn’t let up and lifts Nacho in a bone jarring bearhug causing him to scream in pain, bored she throws him to the mat and splits his legs.  Commenting on how little flexibility he has she spreads his legs wide, and the scream gets louder.


Killpussy asks him “Did that hurt?” and that follows it with “Not as much as its going to!” as she squeezes his head in a standing headscissors.  


They armwrestle on the canvas, which Killpussy handily wins.  Has Nacho had enough? It doesn’t matter, Killpussy continues to destroy him, demonstrating her superior strength with more bearhugs, scissors and armwrestles.


Eventually she tires of the lack of competition and leaves the defeated Nacho Libre on the mat while she flexes.

Killpussy wears a white shiny spandex swimsuit with shiny tights, and pro-style wrestling boots.

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