SGR0065 Scorpion - Your first session - Shiny leotard POV

So you have finally mustered up the courage to take the plunge and experience your first session with Scorpion.


Foolishly you’ve asked to start with scissors, and that you can take the power of Scorpion’s shiny tight clad thighs.


She wrestles you down to the mat and in no time at all she traps you in a front headscissor, not even using her full strength she has you choking for air, as she gradually and slowly increases the power until you quickly tap.


Scorpion next wraps her long legs around your body, counting down as she then squeezes making you struggle to catch your breath, you last a little long but still tap rather quickly.


The next scissorhold you experience is a reverse headscissor, distracted by the sight of Scorpion’s beautiful ass, you last a while longer.  Overall you’re not doing very well are you?


Another front headscissor has you tapping like crazy, before finally a rear headscissor sends you off to sleep, as Scorpion knocks you out.

Scorpion wears a black shiny spandex swimsuit with shiny white tights.

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