SGR0064 Veve Lane vs Safa Warda - Dirty Shiny Pro Match

American superstars Veve Lane and Safa Warda match up for a pro-style match on the mats.  The wrestlers waste no time with introductions and jump straight into the action.


Veve wins the initial test of strength and stretches Safa out in a surfboard before effortlessly transitioning into a wicked camel clutch.  Veve wrenches Safa’s neck back viciously, all the time asking her if she wants to give, and that’s all in just for first 60 seconds!


From there both experienced wrestler fight back and forth competing to see who can stretch the other to the point of breaking with wicked boston crabs, camel clutches, grapevines and even the dreaded banana split.  Both women obviously intent on causing the most pain to the other and making her submit.


Their shiny high cut swimsuits accentuate the action, as the eventually one wrestler is softened up with a couple of nasty elbow drops before being surfboarded into a final submission.


The winner gloats placing her foot on the body of her thoroughly defeated foe.


Veve Lane wears a shiny red spandex high-cut swimsuit

Safa Warda wears a white shiny spandex high-cut swimsuit

Both women are bare footed.

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