SGR0063 Grudge Match - Killpussy vs Porras

Porras waits in the ring pronouncing that he has been training and is ready for a return grudge match against Killpussy, a challenge she is all too ready to accept.


Porras is incredibly cocky, and takes Killpussy by surprise driving his shoulder into her against the ring post, and incredibly forcing her to tap to a Boston Crab early on.  His confidence continues to grow….. Big mistake!


Enraging Killpussy is never a good idea, and she certainly isn’t happy, for the rest of the match Porras is put through a wringer of pro-holds including boston crabs, figure four leglock and camel clutches including one where Killpussy fish-hooks his mouth.


It ends as their previous matches with Porras flat on the canvas and a triumphant Killpussy will he ever learn?

Killpussy wears a silver shiny spandex leotard, with shiny tights, pro boots and a lucha mask.

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