SGR0062 Enter the Ring - The Rematch - Killpussy vs Scorpion

Scorpion is waiting in the ring, when Killpussy enters.  In their last match Scorpion beat her, and now Killpussy wants a rematch.


The first fall begins with a test of strength which ends with Scorpion taking Killpussy down to the mats in a tight body scissors/headlock combo, but Killpussy reverses it into a matchbook pin planting her derriere onto Scorpion’s face.  Wait…. Scorpion reverses it and the first fall ends with Killpussy pinned with the ample ass of Scorpion on top.


At the start of the second round, Scorpion has to remind a vengeful Killpussy to return to her corner, and gets a posting for her trouble followed by the dreaded CESARO SWING followed by a wicked Boston Crab.


Scorpion tries to fight back with an ankle lock which nearly has Killpussy tapping but everytime Scorpion gets an advantage Killpussy resorts to dirty and illegal tactics such as pussy mauls and even choking Scorpion with her boots on her neck, finally ending the round and her suffering with a figure four leg lock that has Scorpion tapping in agony.


The start of the third fall starts as the last round ended with Killpussy firmly in control, a reverse CESARO SWING is quickly followed up with Scorpion’s face contorted in agony, as Killpussy fishhooks her mouth stretching it wide.  Quickly it transitions into a boston crab, which Scorpion escapes from and both wrestlers trade grapevine variants stretching each other as wide as they can.  Finally Killpussy tells Scorpion there is only move for her as she stretches her off the ground in a suspended ROMERO HOLD.


Will Scorpion tap and concede the match or will she mount a comeback and defeat Killpussy once again?


Killpussy wears a pink spandex swimsuit

Scorpion wears a black high-cut long sleeved leotard

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