SGR0061 The Bear gets initiated by Killpussy

The Bear takes on Killpussy for his Strong Girls Rule debut in a pro-style match on the mats.  Things don’t look good for Killpussy at the start of the match as The Bear towers over her, but she is still confident enough to challenge him to a test of strength.


The Bear is a cocky and confident… big mistake.


Killpussy takes him down and proceeds to put him through a gamut of painful holds, including boston crab, grapevine and multiples camel clutches.  Killpussy verbally berates him as she wears him down, throwing in some belly punches and stomps.


As the match progresses he gets less and less cocky until at the end he is flat on the mat with the powerful Killpussy kneeling on his stomach with her biceps flexed in a pose which leaves The Bear in no doubt that he has just received a Strong Girls Rule welcome.


Killpussy wears a Black Lucha Mask, neon pink spandex swimsuit with pro-style kneepads and boots with flesh-coloured tights.

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