SGR0059 Box Pin Bumtastic Match - Shiny Pro Style - Killpussy vs Scorpion


Killpussy vs Scorpion in this pins match. Points can only be won with a 10-count folding press pin. Evil spine-crunching press pins!!


But can either girl stick to the rules? Hell NO!


Wristlocks, crotch bites, spanks, facesits, distraction techniques and of course ‘accidental’ miscounts.


Killpussy wears pink shiny thong leotard with stirruped shiny pantyhose/tights (bare feet)

Laken wears gold shiny thong leotard with enclosed foot shiny pantyhose/tights (bare feet)


Includes LOTS of facesit pins (front and reverse) and folding press pins, and even a deadly combination of the two!

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