SGR0058 Old School Pro Match - Scorpion vs The Almighty Bruce

Scorpion decides it’s time to give The Almighty Bruce a lesson in old-school wrestling.


His pathetic, skinny body can’t resist and Scorpion effortlessly goes from hold to hold, punishing and humiliating him. Making him tap again and again. Leaving no part of his body undamaged.


Moves used: Headlock, headscissor, grapevine pin, guillotine, full nelson, bodyscissors, single leg boston crab, figure four leglock.


Scorpion finishes his humiliation by sitting on his chest and victory posing,


Scorpion wears one piece swimsuit with bare legs and bare feet

The Almighty Bruce wears black t-shirt with black spandex leggings and black wrestling boots

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