SGR0056 Squash Match - Scorpion crushes London

Both women start from a standing position then lock up.  Scorpion is able to pull London into a side headlock then down to the mats.  Her strength overwhelms London.  She quickly puts  London in a crushing headscissor.  London taps almost immediately.  Scorpion is disappointed and makes London verbally submit to her.  London does so, but Scorpion tells her she's far from finished.


Scorpion proceeds to destroy London.  She crushes London with every type of head scissor imaginable.  She moves her from hold to hold effortlessly.  London verbally submits to Miss Scorpion repeatedly.  Scorpion shows no mercy.  Soon, London is put to sleep in a combo body scissor/sleeperhold.  Scorpion wakes London and continues the beating.  London cannot offer any defense and is barely conscious.  She no longer submits to Miss Scorpion because she knows it's no use.  


Scorpion proceeds to finish London with a perfect reverse figure four.  London is completely finished.  Miss Scorpion pulls her unconscious frame into a victorious  camel clutch.  She then proceeds to face sit London in victory, flexing her biceps.  A final standing victory pose with her foot on London’s face satisfies Scorpion. She leaves London unconscious and spread eagled on the mat.


Scorpion wears purple shiny bikini, bare feet

London wears red and white bikini, bare feet

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