SGR0053 Laken vs Killpussy - Shiny Arse Pro Style Facesitting Match

Resident Amazon Killpussy takes on dancer and wrestler Laken in this facesit and pin match. Points can only be won with a 10-count facesit or folding press pin


Will the big girl’s strength win the day? Or will flexible Laken wriggle out and get on top?


As always Killpussy bends the rules slightly, picking the smaller girl off the floor for a spinning firemans carry. Evil distraction!


Killpussy wears black shiny thong leotard with shiny pantyhose/tights (bare feet)

Laken wears multicoloured thong leotard with shiny pantyhose/tights (bare feet)


Includes LOTS of facesit pins (front and reverse) and folding press pins, and even a deadly combination of the two!

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