SGR0052 Diamond Courier - Jade vs Scorpion

A female robber (Scorpion) overpowers a diamond courier (Jade).

This clip features Scorpion and Jade’s first on-screen kiss.


Jade is an expert thief, so Scorpion has tracked to an apartment so she can steal the diamonds from her. Scorpion surprises Jade, gagging her, then dominating and controlling her with chokes and belly punches. But as Scorpion goes to search the apartment Jade escapes from her bondage.

Scorpion catches her and a fight ensues….they are evenly matched but Scorpion overpowers Jade, before KO-ing her in a sleeper hold

When Jade awakens she is forced to strip to her underwear, while Scoprion touches and admires her prisoner’s muscles. Then brutally punishes her in wrestling holds for trying to escape.

But Jade begins to seduce Scorpion….will Scorpion fall for her trickery?

Who ends up stripped, tied to a chair and struggling against their rope bondage? And who escapes with the diamonds?


Features: Bondage, gags, bondage struggle scenes, Muscle worship, abdominal punishment (belly punching), boston crab, camel clutch, body scissors, full nelson, sleeper holds and choke holds, face sitting, smothering, pins and scissor holds, school girl pins.

Scorpion wears black cat suit and leather ankle boots with black leather gloves. Then black bikini (bare legs and bare feet)

Jade wears tight jeans, knee high leather boots and sweater. Then Calvin Klein underwear (bare legs and bare feet)

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