SGR0051 Dirty Tactics - Jennifer Thomas dominates Scorpion

Jennifer Thomas uses all of the dirty tricks in the book (and some that aren’t even in the book!) to destroy Scorpion


Before the match starts Jennifer put a special pill in a glass of water…a treat for Scorpion for later


Scorpion takes the first fall with long figure 4 and a big bite of Jennifer’s foot


So Jennifer decides it’s time to play nasty and gives Scorpion the special drink

Scorpion takes glass of water and starts to be sick…Jennifer attacks!!


Jennifer puts Scorpion through 2 falls of complete torture,

Nail rakes to the back and butt!

Fingers in the eyes!

Low blows with kicks and punches!!


Backbreaker and camel clutch finishers


And then the ultimate humiliation….Jennifer makes Scorpion kiss her feet and butt


Jennifer wears white thong and bra with nude pantyhose and bare feet

Scorpion wears black thong and bra with nude pantyhose and bare feet

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