SGR0050 Scorpion dominates! Shiny Pro Mixed Match

Scorpion takes on the new guy in town..The Almighty Bruce...let’s find out if he’s really mighty shall we…


It’s a 3-fall match to see what he’s got...


While Bruce waffles on in his pre-match interview Scorpion sneaks up on him and jumps on his back and it’s all downhill for him from there. Sleeper hold to takedown to an insane wristlock. Boston crab torture before Scorpion wraps her big thighs around his head for a crushing headscissor.


Then Scorpion uses his own move on him to finish the match before sitting on him and hitting the double bicep victory pose.


Features: Pre-match interview with both wrestlers, Post match interview with the gloating winner


Scorpion wears gold shiny thong leotard with shiny pantyhose and black shiny wrestling boots

The Almighty Bruce wears rainbow spandex leggings with headband, black t-shirt and black wrestling boots

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