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SGR0048 Laken - Facesitting & Scissor Session with KO - POV

You’ve taken the plunge and booked a session with the amazing Laken….dancer, wrestler and curve packed bombshell! She looks amazing in her gold shiny string bikini.


Look at those strong legs and amazing booty!!

And she knows just how to use them...first she’s going to treat you to some of her world-famous facesitting...what a view!


Now it’s time to feel her scissors. Reverse headscissors to start


Schoolgirl pin time, again, what a view!


Time to feel the squeeze with a bodyscissors


Breast smother time!! Laken feels like you submit too soon so she does it again...isn’t she mean


But then she decides to put your lights out...with her butt and breasts! Sitting on your face and ignoring your taps...then switching to a breast smother to finish the job.

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