SGR0044 Shiny lift and carry domination - Killpussy

Blond Amazon Killpussy (5ft 11″/180cm, 176lbs/80kg)  has a new lift and carry opponent (5ft 6″/166cm, 140lbs/65kg)...well he thinks he’s an opponent. She towers over him in height and dwarves him in musculature.


He thinks he’s as strong as her, so let’s find out shall we.

Killpussy sweeps him off his feet and he tries to do the same to her...failing miserably!

She effortlessly performs lift after lift while he can’t even complete one.

She totally humiliates him..showing that she is the a long way!


Killpussy flexes for the camera at the end, showing off those AMAZING biceps


Lifts used: Firemans carry (two types), Cradle, Shoulder Ride, Piggy Back, Bear Hug,

Killpussy wears red and silver shiny leotard with shiny pantyhose / tights

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