SGR0034 Ring Match - Shiny Pro Style - Scorpion dominates Killpussy

Blonde Amazon Killpussy and British wrestler Scorpion face off in the ring and someone is in the mood for WAR! Scorpion must have had something very special in her tea this morning because she dominated Killpussy from start to finish with submission after submission.


Scorpion leaves a trail of back-bending and stretching destruction..Boston crabs...Camel clutch….Sharpshooters...Texas cloverleaf...Bow and Arrow...making Killpussy submit again and again.


Killpussy is looking more and more exhausted, her back has taken so much punishment. So Scorpion switches her tactics to pins. A mean box pin, a horrible grapevine and trapping her in the surfboard.  Then switches back to destroying her back. Before the big Boston crab finish, Killpussy can’t take anymore and she submits. Scorpion takes the win and victory poses over her.


Killpussy wears black spandex thong leotard with shiny pantyhose/tights, black kneepads and black leather wrestling boots

Scorpion wears red spandex thong leotard with shiny pantyhose/tights, red kneepads and red leather wrestling boots

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