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SGR0032 Tag Team Ring Match Mayhem - Scorpion + Amazon Ayesha vs Killpussy + Porras

Oh it’s time to RUMBLE!! The very first Strong Girls Rule 4-way TAG TEAM!!!


Killpussy and Scorpion face off on rival teams. Killpussy has Porras (unlucky!) on her team while Scorpion teams up with Amazon Ayesha (who has already beaten both Killpussy and Porras). So this should be a walkover!


To kick off the match Amazon Ayesha faces off against Porras, she really works him over. Before Killpussy enters the ring and slams a headscissor on.


The match turns dirty pretty quickly with low blows coming from both teams as the action goes back and forth. Each team scoring one point.


But what is this….Killpussy and Scorpion have a sneaky talk at the side of the ring. They agreed to put their rivalry to one side for this special occasion and teach these new wrestlers a lesson! They jump into the ring and take Amazon Ayesha and Porras DOWN! Boston crabs for both of them and then the girls gleefully victory pose over their own partners!!


Moves used: Bear hug, grapevine, headscissor, camel clutch,


Amazon Ayesha wears white and pink spandex one piece with pink leg warmers and white shiny wrestling boots (we think she looks like the awesome She-Hulk in this outfit)

Scorpion wears black and pink spandex one piece with black leg warmers and white shiny wrestling boots


Killpussy wears black shiny thong leotard, black fishnets with black knee pads and black shiny boots

Porras wears spandex leggings, black and white Lucha mask, black arms covers and black leather wrestling boots.

Tag team - Metal vs Spandex1
Tag team - Metal vs Spandex2
Tag team - Metal vs Spandex3
Tag team - Metal vs Spandex4
Tag team - Metal vs Spandex5
Tag team - Metal vs Spandex6
Tag team - Metal vs Spandex7
Tag team - Metal vs Spandex8
Tag team - Metal vs Spandex9
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