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SGR0030 Ring Match - Amazon Ayesha dominates Porras

Beautiful black wrestler Amazon Ayesha takes on whipping boy Porras in this pro-style wrestling domination.


‘It’s my ring...there aren’t any rules!!’ shouts Ayesha…..and Porras is going to learn that today!


Ever-cocky Porras attempts a brief fight back with a Sharpshooter….but he discovers that resistance is futile.


She dominates him with pins, backbreaker, loads of slaps and hits. Wrapping her long legs around him for the bodyscissor and guillotine combination.


Amazon Ayesha wears purple sequinned bikini, black knee pads and black leather wrestling boots

Porras wears spandex leggings, black and white Lucha mask, black arms covers and black leather wrestling boots.

Ayesha dominates Porras
Ayesha dominates Porras
Ayesha dominates Porras
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