SGR0027 Ring Match - Scorpion dominates Porras - Old school wrestling

Scorpion and Porras face off in the ring, taking each other on in this old school moves match.


Cheeky Porras starts things off with a pathetic attempt at a shove, silly boy! Scorpion responds with a stinging slap to the face...and IT’S ON!


Loads of headlocks! Loads of pin attempts! Loads of headscissors!


A great back and forth match...but there can be only one winner...will it be dirty cheating rope-grabbing pussy Porras? Or clean-living, clean-playing grappler Scorpion? Or does Scorpion learn some of Porras’s cheating ways….somebody gets tortured in the final Surfboard Pin.


Moves used: Grapevine, Bow and Arrow, Headlock, Headscissors, Sharpshooter, Wristlock, Surfboard, Sleeper Hold, Bodyscissors, Camel clutch


Scorpion wears one piece blue and yellow spandex swimsuit, bare legs and bare feet

Porras wears black and white spandex shorts, black and white Lucha mask, black arms covers and black leather wrestling boots.

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