SGR0026 Pin Scissor Facesit Match - Scorpion vs New Boy

Wrestler Scorpion (5ft 7″/170cm, 147lbs/67kg)  takes on new boy Luke (6ft1”, 81kg) in a special rules competitive match. Points are scored with pins, scissors or facesits.


New boy is genuinely confident that he can beat his smaller opponent. After all he is younger and heavier. But he has no wrestling training, so Scorpion may have to pull out some sneaky tactics as she can’t use her usual BJJ submissions in this match.


It takes almost 3 minutes for the first point to be scored. New Boy gets on top a couple of times but doesn’t have the skills to capitalise on his position.


Both fighters get a great sweat on as effort levels are high. It’s not a walkover, and she’s had to work for it, but Scorpion is the clear winner.


If you like to see what happens when skill and effort triumph over strength then this is the match for you


Points scored with: front facesit, reverse headscissors, side headscissors and multiple pins


Scorpion wears purple shiny string bikini

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