SGR0024 Ring Match Shiny Pro style Killpussy dominates Scorpion

Blond Amazon Killpussy (5ft 11″/180cm, 176lbs/80kg) takes on wrestler Scorpion (5ft 7″/170cm, 147lbs/67kg) in this back bending battle.


Killpussy dominates from the start and does not let up from start to finish. Catching Scorpion with a mean Bow and Arrow to kick off the match, stretching her right out. From here Killpussy leaves a trail of bend and stretch destruction..Boston crabs...Sharpshooters...Texas cloverleaf...and even more Bow and Arrow.


They lock up again and again but Killpussy is on the it’s camel clutch time!!


Scorpion is looking more and more exhausted, her back has taken so much punishment. But Killpussy will not let up! Bending her like a pretzel with more Boston crabs. Victory posing while she has Scorpion trapped. Before the big Bow and Arrow finish, Scorpion can’t take any more and she submits. Killpussy takes the win and victory poses over her, double bicep flex!


Scorpion wears red shiny thong leotard with red knee pads, black shiny boots and tan shiny pantyhose/tights

Killpussy wears blue shiny thong leotard with blue knee pads, white shiny boots and tan shiny pantyhose/tights

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