SGR0021 Amazon Ayesha Dominates Scorpion - Dirty Tactics

Scorpion is back in the ring. But this time her boyfriend wants her to lose the match...what??! He says they will win a lot of money if she she reluctantly agrees. What she doesn’t know is that she is being set up and Amazon Ayesha is being paid extra to really cruelly demolish Scorpion...


Scorpion enters the ring by herself, begins to remove her heels and BAM! Amazon Ayesha sneaks up behind her with a chair and hits her over the head with it. Then chokes Scorpion with her own jacket!


Amazon Ayesha begins an onslaught of devastation with kicks, stomps and hits to the face and body. Before torturing her in a Boston crab. Then it’s the dreaded backbreaker...Ayesha holds Scorpion there for an eternity until she submits.


In the next fall Ayesha goes to town on Scorpion’s legs, pulling out all of her sneaky leg attacks to punish those pretty legs, until she finishes with a long figure four leg lock and a foot bite!!


Third Fall…..Previously unseen in any match...Amazon Ayesha produces a lime and squeezes the juice in Scorpion’s eyes, blinding her!


Scorpion screams and begs for mercy as Ayesha claws her and makes her submit with low blows


Amazon Ayesha wears red bra and thong over sheer pantyhose/tights with bare feet

Scorpion wears neon pink bra and thong over natural pantyhose/tights with bare feet

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