SGR0019 Gi Foot Domination Killpussy vs New Boy

Amazon Killpussy has a new victim on the mat and she has heard that he doesn’t like feet. So she teaches him a jiu-jitsu foot lesson.


She gets the foot party started with an armbar. Rubbing her big UK Size 9 feet all over his face.


Then she forces him into a humiliating camel clutch and forces him to kiss her feet


She continues to choke and punish him with her big feet and eventually he gets the message, submitting to her. She sits on top of him and instructs him in the way of foot worship, making him kiss and lick her sweaty soles. Then moving on to her toes, forcing them into his mouth before finishing with a foot gag.

Killpussy wears white kimono/gi with pink sports bra. Purple pedicure

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