SGR0018 Lisa King vs Scorpion - Dirty Tactics

Scorpion has recovered from her thrashing at the hands of Pippa L’Vinn (see SGR0013) and she wants revenge. She returns to The Wrestling Factory to take on gorgeous blonde Lisa King.


And this time, it’s Scorpion that will be dishing out the dirty tactics


Scorpion storms in, headlocks Lisa and immediately delivers closed fist strikes to her face! Where is the ref?! Scorpion continues the vicious assault with hair grabbing, punches, kicks and even knees before chucking her through the ropes and out of the ring


More punishment for Lisa follows strangles, throws, torture rack, clawed in the eyes, thrown into the corner post, backbreaker, camel clutch,  it’s an endless assault!


By the third fall Scorpion has turned from bad to worse! Low blows with kicks, elbows, crotch grabs...and what...a pussy bite??!!


Lisa’s domination continues with her being worked over the ropes in a deadly standing headscissors. Then the evil Tree of Woe. Her final move is the deadly figure four, Scorpion attacks her leg until she can take no more.


Scorpion wears white bra and thong over natural pantyhose/tights with bare feet

Lisa King wears leopard print bra and thong over natural pantyhose/tights with bare feet

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