SGR0016 Shiny Pro Camel Clutch War - Killpussy vs Scorpion

Killpussy and Scorpion face off…….


Scorpion is angry because Killpussy cheated in their last match (as always!!)


So she proposes a Camel Clutch Match….with no cheating!


After kicking off with a Test of Strength..KIllpussy kicks off with….a kick to Scorpion’s crotch!! Always a cheat!


The girls battle it out for camel clutch supremacy. But it looks like someone has been learning some dirty tricks…….


Featuring: sleeper hold, headscissors, low blows, headlock and lots and lots of hair-pulling, fish-hooking, back-bending CAMEL CLUTCH!!


Killpussy wears blue shiny thong leotard with shiny pantyhose, black kneepads and black shiny boots

Scorpion wears red shiny thong leotard with shiny pantyhose, white kneepads and white shiny boots

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