SGR0013 - Dirty Tactics Pro Match - Pippa L'Vinn dominates Scorpion

Scorpion goes to fight Pippa L’Vinn at the infamous Wrestling Factory.


Pippa kicks off the match with a barrage of kicks, knees and punches. She really works Scorpion over then throws her headfirst into the corner post, rapidly followed by some nasty elbow drops, then throws her back at the corner post! Before finishing her in a long back-to-back Torture Rack


In the second fall Scorpion tries to get her own back, catching Pippa in a Boston Crab, before biting her foot. Pippa submits but she is not happy!!


Revenge time….Pippa jumps on and claws Scorpion’s eyes, blinding her. Before starting with some low shots. Pippa puts Scorpion through the mill with a backbreaker before finishing her with a camel clutch.


Scorpion wears blue bra and thong with natural pantyhose

Pippa L’Vinn wears black top and thong with natural pantyhose

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