SGR0012 - POV Bully Feet - Gi Girls - Killpussy + Scorpion

You’ve been dumb enough to book a double session with Scorpion and Killpussy. They are both wearing gis and ready to dominate you with their FEET!


They tell you that you’re an idiot then go to work.

Scorpion holds you down while Killpussy shoves her big feet in your face. Making you lick them, then shoving them in your mouth.


Then you are on the receiving end of a double arm-bar. Four feet in your face!


They force you onto your belly, putting you in a camel clutch and forcing you to lick their toes. Laughing at you while they call you a foot slut. Now it’s time to lick their soles. Don’t miss those heels! Then they spread their toes wide so you can lick in-between.

Now you little foot slut it’s time to get foot gagged. The girls laugh while you choke on their feet.


To finish you off Killpussy wedges both of her big feet into your mouth while Scorpion wraps her feet around your throat. Night night!!


Scorpion wears white gi (kimono) with pink toenail polish

Killpussy wears blue gi (kimono) with dark purple toenail polish

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