SGR0116 Lifted and Annihilated - Killpussy demolished Porras

A word to the wise Porras, if you take on Killpussy and she’s wearing black studded gloves, run the other way!   Killpussy means business in this one, and Porras is subjected to his worst beating ever.


From the initial crotch lift it's obvious he’s in trouble as is he is subjected to a lesson in pain, multiple times Killpussy hoists him over her shoulders in torture racks demonstrating both her amazonian strength and sadistic streak.


Porras is lifted like a rag doll in fireman carry’s, reverse bearhugs and the annihilation part comes from punches and stomps, grapevines, chokes and a boston crab.


Finally (perhaps) mercifully she sits astride his chest in a schoolgirl pin and counts to 10, leaving the normally cocky Porras a demoralised, spent and defeated corpse on the mats.


Killpussy wears black studded gloves, black shiny spandex swimsuit, shiny pantyhose and shiny black boots.

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