SGR0008 - bondage domination featuring jennifer thomas & scorpion

*From the vaults*

Evil catsuit-clad agent Scorpion sneaks up on Jennifer Thomas as she is working out and threatens her with a knife. She plans to sell her as a slave, she’ll get a great prize for someone with Jennifer’s incredible muscular body.

Jennifer is talking too much so Scorpion ties her and gags her before preparing her for sale. Unfortunately for Jennifer this preparation takes the form of belly punches, hand smothering and chokes!

But Jennifer won’t go down easily, she sneaks out of her bondage and pounces on Scorpion. The girls wrestle with painful headlocks, scissors, camel clutches, grapevines even foot locks!!

Jennifer is beaten and re-tied but determined not to be sold as a slave, the sneaky girl escapes again!! When Scorpion re-enters the room she attacks her in a nasty catfight, with belly punching, hair pulling and hand smothering.

Who will be the final victor? Will Jennifer be sold into slavery or will she turn the tables on evil Scorpion?

This includes great sequences of both girls struggling to get out of their bonds

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