SGR0006 - darling vs scorpion

Darling and Scorpion pair up for the very first time in this a slow-paced, sensual fantasy match.


They slither and coil around each other’s bodies, wrapping up with arms and legs. Grabbing their hair and looking into each other’s eyes.


Darling whispers into Scorpion’s ear, shushing her and telling her that she is going to own her. Hand smothering and choking her whilst kissing her neck and face, licking her with her long tongue.


Scorpion manages to turn the tables. Returning the choking and hand smothering. Scorpion really cuts her air off.


They agree to restart, Darling on top. They intertwine again and Darling takes the advantage, starting a very slow and sensual domination with smothering, choking, biting and kissing as Scorpion is laid motionless on the mat.


Heavy breathing throughout as both girls are obviously enjoying the experience


Darling wears tiny green string bikini

Scorpion wears black strappy bondage style swimsuit


*apologies - there is quite a lot of wardrobe malfunction in this clip*

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