Rough Turf - Scorpion dominates Bert

An unreleased gem from the vaults...the first time that Scorpion fought Bert. They are fairly evenly matched in weight and height (Scorpion - 5’7”, 70kg and Bert - 5’9”, 75kg). Scorpion takes control from the start by taking his back and turning it into a Reverse grapevine with choke. He is then controlled with a high pin while she taunts him ‘I love it when you struggle’. Scorpion forces Bert to spend the entire match either on his back or with her on his back. He keeps struggling but she sticks to him like glue. Taunting him while he tries to escape and submitting him repeatedly with tight triangles, rear naked chokes, a reverse headscissor, a side headscissor and finishing with a crushing bodyscissor. She sits on his chest and victory poses over him to finish. Scorpion wears spandex snakeskin leggings with black long-sleeved cut out spandex top, her feet are partially covered with black cut off tights.

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