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SGR0240 Dez Desire destroys Laken - SS - Custom Order

It’s amazing! Oh my god is Laken flexible and Dez is so fucking beautiful and the moves…holy shit they are f*cking hot!

An amazing match! You went beyond what I thought would be! So great like holy f*ck Laken is such an amazing jobber

To be released - Storm vs Toni TKC - Custom Order

Thank you guys so much for an awesome and amazing Video , the ladies performance in that match is a absolutely great .

My only regret is that I came a little bit late to order custom match’s from you.

Well I’ll definitely be ready at November to order from you guys again !

To be released - Amrita vs Laken - Custom Order

Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow!!! That was awesome!!! I absolutely loved this!! These ladies are simply amazing. Amrita was a cool dominant, knowing she was in control the entire time, even when Laken thought she had a chance. Laken makes such a great victim. The way she played the helpless submissive was awesome. I greatly appreciate both women for participating. Amrita was brilliant as I expected and I really hope she enjoyed doing tickling in a wrestling match. As for Laken, please give her my deepest gratitude. She was tickled for quite some time and she took it like a trooper. She is incredibly beautiful and has a wonderful laugh. I am truly thankful for her participating. She is awesome. I do have to know, did she have fun? Did she like being tickled?

The camera work was awesome! I like the different angles and the closeups on the body. The way the match flowed and the timing was really good. This was very well done and I appreciate the hardwork that you did with my video as well as all the other 62 videos. Please know that you are APPRECIATED for your hard work. Thank you so much and I look forward to ordering from you again!

SGR0234 Megan Jones destroys him and his manhood - Opaque Obsessed 

“You thought I was going to be nice to you?”, Megan Jones chuckles as she starts her 20+ minute onslaught of her prey, Squishy, in this video.  

Being a lover of opaque tights and boots I was immediately drawn to Megan’s outfit which looks so great on her, but clearly her goal isn’t just to look fantastic, but to teach her opponent a lesson he won’t forget, nor will you when you watch this video!

The picture quality is awesome as is the audio.  Not only can you hear Megan taunting and humiliating Squishy throughout the video, but every strong blow is easily audible and clear that it’s authentic.  Megan holds nothing (!) back!  She hits her prey over and over again with her boots, using every part: toes, heels, and soles to inflict her way on his helpless body and in particular his manhood.  Not content to just use her feet, she uses her fists, palms, knees, and even her elbows.  During countless flurries of contact Megan gives Squishy no chance to catch his breath.  In between blows she takes the opportunity to stretch and fold his body like a pretzel, obviously enjoying every moment and whimper it creates.  Head scissors to face sitting, he doesn’t stand a chance.

Yet, halfway through somehow he staggers to his feet and announces, “still standing”, to which no doubt he will come to regret very quickly.  This challenge just fuels Megan to continue the onslaught on his body, leaving no area unscathed.  Just when you think she has run out of moves she finds another way to impose her will on him.  She continues to punish him to see if she can make him tap out and give up, saying “the more you move, the more it will hurt”, and she isn’t joking!  Will Squishy tap out?  I know I couldn’t tap out from watching the video and I don’t think you will either.  This is one that definitely needs to be seen to be believed!!


SGR0230 Japanese Pro-Style Catfight - Mistress Amrita vs Ms F.Rank

Where to begin? I loved the contrast between this and the Axa match. Where as Axa attempted to fight, Ms F.Rank  is pussy slapped and wedgied to pathetic perfection. Her tearful submission could have only been more humiliating if followed by a kiss to Amrita ’s tush!!

SGR0196 Japanese Pro-Style Catfight - Mistress Amrita vs Axa Jay - @PaladinBoone

I purchased @SGRohyeah Japanese cat fight yesterday and all I can say is WOW!
Everything about this is awesome. The suits, the action, and Amrita and Axa are superb. LOVED Amrita’s condescending attitude and how she embarrassed her opponent by the end.  BUY THIS CLIP!

SGR0138 Shiny gold leotard - Scissor and Facesit Humiliation - RB - Custom Video

All I can say is WOW!!!! I was so turned on by this video. You knocked it out of the park!! Super sexy, love the leotard and shiny tights, all the headscissors, face sittings were just great…

Thank you, thank you, thanks you for an awesome and so appreciated video : -)

SGR0172 Unreal Giantess Lifting Power - Marco - Custom Video

Thank you so much again for having made this possible. The film overall was really good, I liked the camera angles, the acting of the girls was also cool, I love the british accent, much better than the american. Both outfits were astonishing, the girls were so sexy. Great comparisons as well! 

SGR0187 Complete Neck Destruction - Scorpion vs London - EM - Custom Video

YYYEEEESSSSS!!!!!   Miss Scorpion! You are amazing! You and London delivered exceptionally!

It was one of the best customs I ever ordered! You're a beautiful strong professional woman that I really appreciate! 

Thank you so much for doing this!

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