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SGR0391 Break Her - Mel Fire destroys Sabrina Jade

Brazilian Pro Wrestler and Dominatrix Mel Fire makes her Strong Girls Rule against tall, toned dancer Sabrina Jade on the SGR mats.

Sabrina may tower above Mel but it makes little difference as Mel wastes little time taking the dancer down to the mats and testing her flexibility in a camel clutch.  Whilst she has Sabrina trapped Mel keeps her there and pulls her hair and smothers her with a hand over the mouth as Sabrina groans in agony.

Mel is on a mission to humiliate Sabrina and destroy her spirit as after seeing Sabrina’s long legs she makes her suck her own toe.

The Brazilian is merciless as she easily dominates Sabrina, trapping her in painful wrestling holds such as boston crabs, leg spreads, headscissors, surfboards and more.

She pulls Sabrina’s hair and fishhooks her determined to inflict pain but also humiliation.

The winner is never in doubt as a smiling leather clad Mel plants her wrestling boot on Sabrina’s panting body in victory.

Mel Fire wears a black leather halter top, black leather trunks, black wrestling boots with black fishnet open fingered gloves.

Sabrina Jade wears a purple shiny spandex micro bikini

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