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SGR0390 Lifted Slammed Squashed - Dominita destroys Ellie Shou

This is the Strong Girls Rule debut of 4ft 11in blonde Ellie Shou, unfortunately for Ellie, her opponent today is the massive pro-wrestler SGR powerhouse Dominita.  Things are not going to go well for the newbie.

Ellie is very confident as she stares up at Dominta talking smack to the imposing pro wrestler.  Dominita is not very impressed at this little thing standing in front of her.  Ellie then has the audacity to try to shove Dominita who doesn’t move and then just pushes Ellie back with ease before hoisting her over the shoulders into a fireman's carry before flipping her down to the mats and splashing her.  Ellie disappears beneath Dominita’s bulky frame.

As Ellie flails and struggles beneath her weight Dominita rests her hand on her chin content to let the little girl expend all her energy trying to move her.  

Dominita decides to display to Ellie her wrestling acumen as the poor rookie is destroyed using boston crabs, camel clutch, bodyscissors, surfboard, more lifts, more slams and splashes.

Mercifully it is over when Dominita pins her in a school girl pin using her full weight whilst poor Ellie lays splayed, destroyed and defeated on the mats.

Welcome to Strong Girls Rule, Ellie Shou

Dominita wears her pro wrestling gear

Ellie Shou wears a shiny spandex red micro bikini

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