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SGR0385 Break Her - Mistress Amrita vs Storm

Two of Strong Girls Rule’s most dominant and long standing wrestlers face off in a match as legendary Japanese fighter Mistress Amrita takes on the blonde powerhouse Storm on the SGR mats.

The two wrestlers introduce themselves with their height, weight and expectations of the match, both are confident that they will win.

They step onto the mats circling each other before locking up in this competitive and equally matched battle.

After the initial finger locked test of strength they begin to punish each other with bodyscissors, leg locks and surfboards.  They punish each other’s feet with ankle locks.  It is unusual to see Mistress Amrita in trouble during her matches but Storm is no slouch and the Japanese legend finds herself trapped, in trouble and in pain.

The battle rages with no let up in sight, until one proud and usually dominant wrestlers finds herself trapped in a long and painful headscissors, she refuses to tap out and fades away at the hands of the superior wrestler.

Does Mistress Amrita keep her undefeated streak alive or does Storm add another win to her already impressive tally?

Mistress Amrita wears a shiny silver spandex micro bikini

Storm wears a shiny dark pink spandex micro bikini

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