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SGR0382 Smell my Foot Bitch! Storm vs Sheela 'Tiny Titaness'

Strong Girls Rule regulars Storm and Sheela are no strangers to each other.  In their previous SGR encounters the larger Storm has always come out on top, but Sheela is determined that this time it will be different.

They clearly don’t like each other, as Sheela shows Storm the work she has been doing in the gym, flexing her muscles.  As Sheela is posing, Storm grabs her from behind and lifts her off her feet in a bearhug, but Sheela escapes and reverses it into a full nelson and now it is Storm’s turn to cry out in pain.

Storm escapes and takes Sheela down to the mats and traps her in a leglock and begins to punish her feet bending her toes and causing Sheela to shriek in agony.

Storm is now on a role and takes Sheela’s legs out in an agonising figure four leg lock, and now Storm is in her happy place as she traps Sheela in a series of holds and humiliates the spunky pint sized warrior by putting her feet in her face.

Whether it is in a lotus lock, arm bar or surfboard Storm pushes her feet into Sheela’s face who cannot escape or resist the stronger Storm.

Sheela is obviously not happy about it but there is little she can do as no matter what painful hold Storm traps her in she is made to endure the foot humiliation.

Finally a Lotus Lock with her feet in her face signals the end for poor humiliated Sheela as smiling Storm flexes in victory.

Sheela wears a shiny spandex red micro bikini

Storm wears a shiny spandex blue swimsuit

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