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SGR0380 Lifted and Dominated - Sheela 'Tiny Titaness' dominates Eva Ray

Strong Girls Rule stalwart Sheela has always been feisty but of late has been developing an even more ruthless streak, so determined is she to destroy the other wrestlers on the SGR roster.

Today she squares off against Latvian beauty Eva Ray on the SGR mats.  These two sexy spitfires compare bodies with each other focusing on their strong thighs and biceps.  They are both confident competitors who take great delight in describing what they are going to do to each other in the upcoming match.

They lock up in a test of strength before Sheela easily lifts Eva Ray up and over her shoulders as if she weighs nothing.  Sheela goes even further performing squats with Eva over her shoulders before dumping the redhead down to the mats.

Next the Latvian beauty is subjected to a deep camel clutch before being lifted up into a bearhug and having her beautiful body squeezed between Sheela’s powerful biceps.

The fight is now drained completely out of Eva Ray and Sheela goes to work repeatedly lifting her and dumping her on the mats.  But even the ground isn’t safe as Sheela uses headscissors, grapevines, boston crabs and other painful holds to punish Eva Ray.

A final lift and dumped to the mats leaves Eva Ray sprawled out unable to continue as a remorseless Sheela flexes her biceps in defeat gloating over the defeated beauty.

Eva Ray wears a shiny purple spandex micro bikini

Sheela wears a shiny black spandex micro bikini

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