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SGR0375 Lifted Slammed Squashed - Viktoria demolishes Sheela 'Tiny Titaness'

DWW veteran Viktora is a statuesque and skilled wrestler who has fought some of the best the industry has to offer over her long and storied career.  Since joining the Strong Girls Rule roster she has left a trail of SGR beauties defeated in her wake including Laken and Ivy Rain.

Today, feisty Sheela is stepping onto the SGR mats to try and derail her winning streak.  Sheela is confident as always but as they size each other up at the start of the match it is obvious that Viktoria is much taller and stronger than Sheela.

This is a complete rout from start to finish as Viktoria effortlessly hoists Sheela onto her shoulders before dropping her down to the mats and delivering body splashes.

Viktoria’s strength, size and power is too much for Sheela who is lifted with ease and then subjected to a gamut of painful holds including camel clutches, splashes, boston crabs, leg spread, facesits and backbreakers

All the time, Viktora is smiling and trash talking poor Sheela who is wracked in pain from the never ending agony that the Hungarian is inflicting upon her.

A romero hold mercifully signals the end as Sheela can take no more punishment from the veteran Viktoria who claims another SGR scalp to add to her collection.

Sheela wears a micro purple shiny spandex thong bikini

Viktoria wears a shiny black spandex swimsuit

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