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SGR0372 Pro War - Storm vs Goddess Anastaxia

Two of the most powerful Strong Girls Rule blonde bombshells square off in shiny spandex Pro War, as SGR veterans Storm and Goddess Anastaxia step onto the mats.

Both women have a healthy respect for their competition and are certainly no strangers to each other having faced off before.  Storm wastes little time delivering a hard shot to Anastaxia’s stomach doubling her up, and then wrapping her strong biceps around and squeezing her in a painful bearhug.

But Anastaxia is no rookie and powers out and delivers a knee to Storm’s pussy causing her to groan in pain.  We’ve called this one a war and with good reason as these two battle across the mats putting each other in excruciatingly painful pro moves and demonstrating their dominance by flexing their muscles.

Lotus Locks, Surfboards, Scissorholds, Boston Crabs and camel clutches are just a small selection of the painful holds they use on each other to try and pick up the win.

Finally one woman is made to submit whilst the winner flexes her muscles and pins her to the mats in a split legged pin.

Goddess Anastaxia wears a shiny blue spandex swimsuit with shiny stirrup tights

Storm wears a shiny red spandex swimsuit with shiny stirrup tights 

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