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SGR0369 Iron Woman Pins - Storm vs Toni TKC

Poor Toni TKC’s Strong Girls Rule career has not been going too well, the tall Aussie SGR rookie has had to face some stiff competition and today will not be any different as she takes on merciless SGR veteran Storm in an Iron Woman Pins contest.

The two beautiful blondes size each other up, but once again Toni’s lack of experience shows as she lets Storm get behind her, and the veteran wastes little time in wrapping her strong arms around Toni in a bearhug, demonstrating her strength by lifting the bigger blonde off of her feet and causing her to cry out in pain. Storm drops her to the mats and softens her up some more with some body splashes.

With Toni winded, Storm takes the opportunity to hook her leg and pin the long legged blonde. It is a position which Toni will need to get used to as Storm destroys and humiliates her.

The rookie finds herself repeatedly pinned following punishment from bearhugs and splashes from the experienced and stronger Storm.

Her height and long legs count for naught as Storm has fun at her expense and adds a final humiliation by posing in victory with a foot over Toni’s face to seal the rout.

Storm wears a shiny spandex red swimsuit

Toni TKC wears a shiny spandex blue swimsuit

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